howdy, nashville

This past week I took a little roadtrip adventure to Nashville, Tennessee with my pal, Hunter. I went under the excuse of having a couple of interviews and wanting to scout out if Nashville was going to be my next big move, but really I just wanted to go. I had been twice before with my mama while on college tours, but never really got to in depth explore the city.

sweetly broken, wholly surrendered

I think it's easy for us to forget that in order to love we need to be loved as well. These four words have served as reminder to me this year about how much I need people and community and love and faith.  A truth that I am broken in the sweetest of ways so that I may surrender myself to love.

political, but not politics

But today I challenge you, amidst a world grabbing for attention, don't. Listen to the loud man in line at the voting poll infront of you with an empathetic heart. Remember that we are a nation of individuals facing unique struggles and sometimes that means our political beliefs don't match up perfectly - and that's okay.