howdy, nashville

This past week I took a little roadtrip adventure to Nashville, Tennessee with my pal, Hunter. I went under the excuse of having a couple of interviews and wanting to scout out if Nashville was going to be my next big move, but really I just wanted to go. I had been twice before with my mama while on college tours, but never really got to in depth explore the city.

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political, but not politics

But today I challenge you, amidst a world grabbing for attention, don't. Listen to the loud man in line at the voting poll infront of you with an empathetic heart. Remember that we are a nation of individuals facing unique struggles and sometimes that means our political beliefs don't match up perfectly - and that's okay.

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boston // pvd - the best weekend ever

This weekend was a dream. An absolute dream.

I am currently sitting in my cozy bed savoring the last few hours of this incredible weekend. I spent half my time adventuring around in Boston, Mass and the other half exploring my current home city of Providence, RI with some of the greatest people this coast has to offer. My roommate Kat and I drove up to Boston on Friday afternoon to go see our favorite band, NeedtoBreathe, play + also enjoyed some burgers and drinks. No lie, after the concert we bought tubs of Ben and Jerry's and pizza bagels and just camped out in her brother's apartment in awe of how great the concert was. Sometimes you just need a day with your best pal to be silly and explore. I'm real thankful for that.

Saturday morning Kat and I had a great brunch at Stephanie's (some of the best eggs benedict I have ever had + they made me a side of asparagus!!) and meandered down Newbury St. for a while before heading home. I got to spend the rest of the day with my other two best pals at the last Waterfire (a Providence tradition that you MUST check out) of the year. We laughed, at doughboys, drank (really) hot apple cider, and took off exploring through the streets of the city. It was a dream.

Sunday was capped off with church at my sweet Sanctuary, a food truck lunch with more of my favorite girls, and a reunion dinner with some of the kids from the orientation group I led this year. Really just a great weekend. If you're looking for a reminded to always choose people, here it is. Say yes to people. Say yes to adventures.

Mel and I with some of the best mac and cheese we have ever had!!


YA'LL. I don't even know where to begin this post, except for telling you that this has been my absolute life long dream and I cannot believe that it's happening...IT'S HAPPENING!!


Wow, writing those words is surreal! I'm not sure if I'll even believe it till I step foot on my plane! As of this past Tuesday my flights are booked, itinerary finalized, and hotels secured. I just can't! My dad called me on Monday night giving me the final go ahead and I cried after I hung up the phone. Have you ever dreamed about something for SO long? I have spent countless nights reading books on Patagonia, watching 180 Degrees South on repeat, googling images and sights to see, and overtures just browsing Patagonia...and now I get to live it!! 

I guess I should give you some backstory on how I got to this point though. Last year I decided to study abroad in Paris doing a Luxury Management program, sounds great right? But, you may be asking yourself, "Kerry, that is absolutely no where near South America." You are right, my friend, congrats. After filling out all of the paperwork and getting approved to go I was on a call with my dad and he asked me "Why do you want to go to Paris? You've already been there and you can literally go whenever. You should go somewhere cool - like Patagonia! You've always wanted to go there!" This got me thinking. Yeah, I could easily go back to Paris when I'm 80, but South America? Probably not. And who knows if Patagonia will still be untouched and unpolluted in 10 years? That's when I decided to go South. I ran to our study abroad office the next day asking for options in Patagonia or South America, which led me to Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Ya'll, it's funny how visible God is in this. Things just worked out. Even though I was past the deadline my advisors found me a great program in Buenos Aires where I will be studying Latin American Societies and Cultures, volunteering for a non-profit, and will have the chance to go to Pata-freakin-gonia. Because seasons are opposite there, summer break goes from December to the end of February, also the peak season to travel to Patagonia. So for a month before classes start I will be hiking around the southern regions of Chile and Argentina, hanging out, doing life, and definitely wearing Patagonia in Patagonia. I wish I could tell you all this news in person because I feel like writing about this doesn't do it justice, but I can't wait to share this journey with you all!!! 

 Here's a little sneak peak at my travel plans... 


Hey friends! Wow this week has been amazing! My friends and family sure know how to make a girl feel loved. This past week has been filled with some of my favorite things: cinnamon rolls, fresh flowers, UVa, sweet friends, and singing "In Da Club" by 50 Cent at the top of my lungs. It's been awesome. Thanks for loving me so well, guys. Twenty would not be the same without all of you to do life with!

My fun birthday brunching friends! I love eyes closed smiles. I love them.

To be honest, I usually HATE celebrating my birthday, or even acknowledging it for that matter. On my 18th birthday I had a mental breakdown thinking that because I was officially an "adult" I had to dress, act, and live differently. My poor parents ended up giving me money to go on an Loft spending spree that included pencil skirts and long dresses for my "adult" self. Two years later I'm realizing that a number doesn't change who I am just as much as wearing a pencil skirt doesn't make me an adult. Now that I'm 20 and most of those clothes have been sold back resale shops I'm recognizing what birthdays are really are: a celebration of the life you have lived and the years to come! While I am closer to having to pay my own phone bill, it doesn't mean that I am living and loving diffrently than from when I was younger, in fact I'm probably getting better at it. 

As I sit here with my coffee mug full of water (I'm trying to get away from coffee, but love coffee mugs so) I can't help but be so excited for this year. I'm starting my second year at Providence and third year of college, which I feel so hopeful for. And I'm getting ready to move to Argentina!! More on that later though. I'm thrilled and I have a few goals for year 20 that I would love to share with you all!

This year I hope to...

  1. Love people without expectations and with no strings attached.
  2. Be healthy!! I'm so excited to have a kitchen this year and to cook food that is good for me and my body. And to workout...I'll keep you posted. 
  3. Simplify. I want to live a life that isn't based around things. I have an addiction to things and that needs to go!
  4. Get into a routine! I'm hoping to have routine that puts emphasis on  the most important things in my life, education, people, and adventure. 
  5. Serve! I want to serve my college and community wholeheartedly this year!
  6. Say yes to (almost) everything. My roommate and I decided this a couple of weeks ago that we are going to say yes to every adventure and opportunity that comes our way this semester! 
  7. Choose joy. 


Whether you're starting school or just a new season, what are some of your goals? I'd love to hear them.

Xoxo, a one year older Ker


Ya'll, have you ever dreamed of going to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee? Me either. 

On Wednesday night of this past week my best friend called me and told me all about how the largest Titanic Museum is in Tennessee and that we should go this weekend. When she said this I knew she was being dead serious, she LOVES The Titanic, and to be honest, I still haven't even seen the ending. But, I'm always up for an adventure. I told her I would go with her, but like most college students, I have very, very little money to lay out for the trip. Staci took that as a solid yes and here we are one day post Pigeon Forge. 

We decided that the best idea for our budget would be to only go for one night, so we left early Friday morning and arrived at our hotel around 1:30pm. Our hotel was basically what you would expect for $30 a night, sketchy, old, and no frills. One thing you should know about me is that I love a little sketch. I think it makes everything much more fun. We got into our room, checked for bedbugs (none! Praise Him!), unpacked, and figured out our game plan for the weekend.

We decided we would hit the outlets and do some mini golfing that night and then head to the museum tomorrow. So we headed to the outlets, no money in hand, and toured around. Guys, Pigeon Forge is so tacky in the most hilarious way. On our 10 minute drive to the outlets we probably passed 15 mini golf parks, a handful of "family fun comedy barns," and five $9.85 or less souvenir stores. Hilarious. We ended up going shopping and then to the largest Christmas store in the South!!!! It was incredible, I got a little emotional. 

The next day, rather the best day of Staci's life, we went to the Titanic Museum and honestly, it was awesome. I wasn't too excited about it to start off, but the museum is really well done. All of the staff were dressed up and in character, on your ticket you get the real story of a passenger, and they had so many interesting and interactive activates. It ended up being $27 per adult, but I found cheaper prices online and Groupon where you could get adult tickets for about $17 so do that!  It really was fun. If you ever decide that you want to go to Pigeon Forge I would recommend it! 

After the museum we headed to the Smokey Mountains National Park and Dollywood for a quick detour and then back to home base! It was a fun weekend and I'm so glad we did it. This past week has been so stressful getting ready to head back to school so this was a nice distraction! 

This trip wasn't my usual, but it was too funny. 


So if there is one thing I love, it's flowers. My roommate will tell you that almost every day this past spring semester I would come back to our dorm with arms full of flowers that I had picked all over campus. Picking flowers kind of makes me feel like a Disney princess, to be honest. So when my dear friend, Heather, told me about this sunflower farm in Haymarket, VA I knew I had to get there. So the other night I told my sweet mama about it and she was even more excited than me!! She loves flowers too. Saturday morning we hopped in the car and drove out to Burnside Farms and had the dreamiest day. It is $4 to get in or $6 for an all season pass (guess what we got), once you're in the farm there are field of daisies (.50), gladiolas ($1), and of course, sunflowers ($1.50)! It's breathtaking! I highly suggest wearing comfy clothes, hat, and good shoes (cough chacos cough), unless you're a girl taking senior pictures - then heels are totally acceptable. I totally recommend this for a fun girl's day or even a cute date if you are so fortunate! Get over there before they close in late August! 

Xoxo, Kerry

PS: You'll probably be hungry after, eat here, trust me.