Ya'll, have you ever dreamed of going to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee? Me either. 

On Wednesday night of this past week my best friend called me and told me all about how the largest Titanic Museum is in Tennessee and that we should go this weekend. When she said this I knew she was being dead serious, she LOVES The Titanic, and to be honest, I still haven't even seen the ending. But, I'm always up for an adventure. I told her I would go with her, but like most college students, I have very, very little money to lay out for the trip. Staci took that as a solid yes and here we are one day post Pigeon Forge. 

We decided that the best idea for our budget would be to only go for one night, so we left early Friday morning and arrived at our hotel around 1:30pm. Our hotel was basically what you would expect for $30 a night, sketchy, old, and no frills. One thing you should know about me is that I love a little sketch. I think it makes everything much more fun. We got into our room, checked for bedbugs (none! Praise Him!), unpacked, and figured out our game plan for the weekend.

We decided we would hit the outlets and do some mini golfing that night and then head to the museum tomorrow. So we headed to the outlets, no money in hand, and toured around. Guys, Pigeon Forge is so tacky in the most hilarious way. On our 10 minute drive to the outlets we probably passed 15 mini golf parks, a handful of "family fun comedy barns," and five $9.85 or less souvenir stores. Hilarious. We ended up going shopping and then to the largest Christmas store in the South!!!! It was incredible, I got a little emotional. 

The next day, rather the best day of Staci's life, we went to the Titanic Museum and honestly, it was awesome. I wasn't too excited about it to start off, but the museum is really well done. All of the staff were dressed up and in character, on your ticket you get the real story of a passenger, and they had so many interesting and interactive activates. It ended up being $27 per adult, but I found cheaper prices online and Groupon where you could get adult tickets for about $17 so do that!  It really was fun. If you ever decide that you want to go to Pigeon Forge I would recommend it! 

After the museum we headed to the Smokey Mountains National Park and Dollywood for a quick detour and then back to home base! It was a fun weekend and I'm so glad we did it. This past week has been so stressful getting ready to head back to school so this was a nice distraction! 

This trip wasn't my usual, but it was too funny.