YA'LL. I don't even know where to begin this post, except for telling you that this has been my absolute life long dream and I cannot believe that it's happening...IT'S HAPPENING!!


Wow, writing those words is surreal! I'm not sure if I'll even believe it till I step foot on my plane! As of this past Tuesday my flights are booked, itinerary finalized, and hotels secured. I just can't! My dad called me on Monday night giving me the final go ahead and I cried after I hung up the phone. Have you ever dreamed about something for SO long? I have spent countless nights reading books on Patagonia, watching 180 Degrees South on repeat, googling images and sights to see, and overtures just browsing Patagonia...and now I get to live it!! 

I guess I should give you some backstory on how I got to this point though. Last year I decided to study abroad in Paris doing a Luxury Management program, sounds great right? But, you may be asking yourself, "Kerry, that is absolutely no where near South America." You are right, my friend, congrats. After filling out all of the paperwork and getting approved to go I was on a call with my dad and he asked me "Why do you want to go to Paris? You've already been there and you can literally go whenever. You should go somewhere cool - like Patagonia! You've always wanted to go there!" This got me thinking. Yeah, I could easily go back to Paris when I'm 80, but South America? Probably not. And who knows if Patagonia will still be untouched and unpolluted in 10 years? That's when I decided to go South. I ran to our study abroad office the next day asking for options in Patagonia or South America, which led me to Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Ya'll, it's funny how visible God is in this. Things just worked out. Even though I was past the deadline my advisors found me a great program in Buenos Aires where I will be studying Latin American Societies and Cultures, volunteering for a non-profit, and will have the chance to go to Pata-freakin-gonia. Because seasons are opposite there, summer break goes from December to the end of February, also the peak season to travel to Patagonia. So for a month before classes start I will be hiking around the southern regions of Chile and Argentina, hanging out, doing life, and definitely wearing Patagonia in Patagonia. I wish I could tell you all this news in person because I feel like writing about this doesn't do it justice, but I can't wait to share this journey with you all!!! 

 Here's a little sneak peak at my travel plans...