boston // pvd - the best weekend ever

This weekend was a dream. An absolute dream.

I am currently sitting in my cozy bed savoring the last few hours of this incredible weekend. I spent half my time adventuring around in Boston, Mass and the other half exploring my current home city of Providence, RI with some of the greatest people this coast has to offer. My roommate Kat and I drove up to Boston on Friday afternoon to go see our favorite band, NeedtoBreathe, play + also enjoyed some burgers and drinks. No lie, after the concert we bought tubs of Ben and Jerry's and pizza bagels and just camped out in her brother's apartment in awe of how great the concert was. Sometimes you just need a day with your best pal to be silly and explore. I'm real thankful for that.

Saturday morning Kat and I had a great brunch at Stephanie's (some of the best eggs benedict I have ever had + they made me a side of asparagus!!) and meandered down Newbury St. for a while before heading home. I got to spend the rest of the day with my other two best pals at the last Waterfire (a Providence tradition that you MUST check out) of the year. We laughed, at doughboys, drank (really) hot apple cider, and took off exploring through the streets of the city. It was a dream.

Sunday was capped off with church at my sweet Sanctuary, a food truck lunch with more of my favorite girls, and a reunion dinner with some of the kids from the orientation group I led this year. Really just a great weekend. If you're looking for a reminded to always choose people, here it is. Say yes to people. Say yes to adventures.

Mel and I with some of the best mac and cheese we have ever had!!