sweetly broken, wholly surrendered

Sweetly broken, wholly surrendered is a little motto I have picked up this year. You may recognize it from my Instagram bio, or you may also recognize it from The Bachelor, Ben Higgen’s, twitter profile. I'd say were both equally famous, so who knows.


I think it's easy for us to forget that in order to love we need to be loved as well. These four words have served as reminder to me this year about how much I need people and community and love and faith.  A truth that I am broken in the sweetest of ways so that I may surrender myself to love. Love from that good Father of our's. Love from our neighbors. Love from strangers. Love from friends. Teachers. Parents. Sisters. Bosess. You get the point. In order to love people we need to let people love us and help us. We need to surrender ourselves to the fact that we can't do it all and we escpecially can't do it all alone. We need each other. 

Choose people. And let people choose you. 

Ya'll are so loved, Ker Ann