howdy, nashville

This past week I took a little roadtrip adventure to Nashville, Tennessee with my pal, Hunter. I went under the excuse of having a couple of interviews and wanting to scout out if Nashville was going to be my next big move, but really, I just wanted to go. I had been twice before with my mama while on college tours, but never really got to explore the city in depth.

We stayed in the sweetest Airbnb with our host, Stacey, and her cute pup, George. And wow ya'll, what a joy it was to meet them. I'm a big huge fan of hostels and Airbnbs, I think they are really the only way to travel correctly (at least in my young age I do). Not only are they so much cheaper, but you get to meet the raddest people. Stacey felt like an old time friend from the moment we met. We arrived about an hour early and were welcomed in with big hugs and chit chat as she hastily pulled the sheets on to the bed. We dropped our stuff and just made ourselves at home! She then was able to help us find a "locals only" burger spot that was so so yummy and point us towards the direction of the best ice-cream in town. 

Not only was she able to give us amazing local recommendations about food, shopping, and things to do but we got to share a lot of life with her. We spent each night curled up on the couch together watching Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel in our pjs and messy hair laughing and sharing stories. Kindred souls. I feel like I made my first real Nashville friend. 

I'm just going to do a quick plug for Airbnb here: When you choose Airbnb you are choosing people. It can be awkward sometimes, but what isn't? I really recommend it if you are looking to move to a city (like me) or really interested in learning more about the culture. Plus, it's hella cheap. Win win. Plus, if you use this link to book you get $35 off your first trip. So win win win. 

Overall it was a great little get away filled with great food and all day exploring! I even got to catch up with my art school pal, Hannah. Nashville is a cool little city and would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a fun weekend getaway. 

For my full Nashville travel guide follow this pretty little link.