Hey friends! Wow this week has been amazing! My friends and family sure know how to make a girl feel loved. This past week has been filled with some of my favorite things: cinnamon rolls, fresh flowers, UVa, sweet friends, and singing "In Da Club" by 50 Cent at the top of my lungs. It's been awesome. Thanks for loving me so well, guys. Twenty would not be the same without all of you to do life with!

My fun birthday brunching friends! I love eyes closed smiles. I love them.

To be honest, I usually HATE celebrating my birthday, or even acknowledging it for that matter. On my 18th birthday I had a mental breakdown thinking that because I was officially an "adult" I had to dress, act, and live differently. My poor parents ended up giving me money to go on an Loft spending spree that included pencil skirts and long dresses for my "adult" self. Two years later I'm realizing that a number doesn't change who I am just as much as wearing a pencil skirt doesn't make me an adult. Now that I'm 20 and most of those clothes have been sold back resale shops I'm recognizing what birthdays are really are: a celebration of the life you have lived and the years to come! While I am closer to having to pay my own phone bill, it doesn't mean that I am living and loving diffrently than from when I was younger, in fact I'm probably getting better at it. 

As I sit here with my coffee mug full of water (I'm trying to get away from coffee, but love coffee mugs so) I can't help but be so excited for this year. I'm starting my second year at Providence and third year of college, which I feel so hopeful for. And I'm getting ready to move to Argentina!! More on that later though. I'm thrilled and I have a few goals for year 20 that I would love to share with you all!

This year I hope to...

  1. Love people without expectations and with no strings attached.
  2. Be healthy!! I'm so excited to have a kitchen this year and to cook food that is good for me and my body. And to workout...I'll keep you posted. 
  3. Simplify. I want to live a life that isn't based around things. I have an addiction to things and that needs to go!
  4. Get into a routine! I'm hoping to have routine that puts emphasis on  the most important things in my life, education, people, and adventure. 
  5. Serve! I want to serve my college and community wholeheartedly this year!
  6. Say yes to (almost) everything. My roommate and I decided this a couple of weeks ago that we are going to say yes to every adventure and opportunity that comes our way this semester! 
  7. Choose joy. 


Whether you're starting school or just a new season, what are some of your goals? I'd love to hear them.

Xoxo, a one year older Ker