howdy, nashville

This past week I took a little roadtrip adventure to Nashville, Tennessee with my pal, Hunter. I went under the excuse of having a couple of interviews and wanting to scout out if Nashville was going to be my next big move, but really I just wanted to go. I had been twice before with my mama while on college tours, but never really got to in depth explore the city.

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So if there is one thing I love, it's flowers. My roommate will tell you that almost every day this past spring semester I would come back to our dorm with arms full of flowers that I had picked all over campus. Picking flowers kind of makes me feel like a Disney princess, to be honest. So when my dear friend, Heather, told me about this sunflower farm in Haymarket, VA I knew I had to get there. So the other night I told my sweet mama about it and she was even more excited than me!! She loves flowers too. Saturday morning we hopped in the car and drove out to Burnside Farms and had the dreamiest day. It is $4 to get in or $6 for an all season pass (guess what we got), once you're in the farm there are field of daisies (.50), gladiolas ($1), and of course, sunflowers ($1.50)! It's breathtaking! I highly suggest wearing comfy clothes, hat, and good shoes (cough chacos cough), unless you're a girl taking senior pictures - then heels are totally acceptable. I totally recommend this for a fun girl's day or even a cute date if you are so fortunate! Get over there before they close in late August! 

Xoxo, Kerry

PS: You'll probably be hungry after, eat here, trust me.


On Tuesday, my best friend and I took a drive up to D.C.'s National Building Museum to go swimming at "the beach." 

When I first saw an article about The Beach I called up my best friend, Staci, as soon as I could. The Beach is a 10,000 square foot ball put designed to make you feel like you are at the beach -- minus the sharks. The astro turf has all of the feeling of sand without the less pleasent qualities while the sound of the balls echo the crashing of waves at the ocean. The nostalgia of the whole thing brought everyone so much joy. I felt like I was a four year old again playing in a cleaner, prettier, and much larger McDonald's ball pit without a care in the world. Here are some of my favorite pictures from my time there!

If you are near D.C. anytime before September, definitely get yourself over to The Beach! Also, if you can, try and go on a weekday - the lines to get in are about 45 minutes compared to 4 hours on the weekends!!

xoxo, Kerry

PS: All of that swimming will probably make you hungry, go here (I street location) after your dip in the ocean.