Barcelona, Spain

Ya'll, Barcelona is the most relaxing, fun, magical place. Barcelona marked the end of my European trip and it was everything I needed. After visiting cities that hold many "must do" sites and activities it was so refreshing to end in a city where the beach was the "must do." It feels like there is no time or schedule in Barcelona, everything moves at a slow pace. Meals can last hours as you are present with your food and friends rather than watching the time to move on. Siestas are a gift of God. Tapas are the food of God. 


I stayed in the Generator Barcelona, a hostel, hotel, and lounge all in one. It was budget friendly, so clean, and perfect for instagrams. The hotel/hostel combo allows for any age guest to stay and the lounge and restaurant below makes sure you can always get food and always have something to do. The lounge isn't a popular place for locals, but I met many other travelers there which provided a perfect setting for swapping stories. It is also located in close proximity to the fashion district, holla. 


Take a bike ride along the Mediterranean. I signed up for a bike tour along the Mediterranean and it is one of the greatest adventures I have ever gone on. Guys, I didn't even really know how to ride a bike before going on this. It was incredible. And a lot of people can't say that they have biked along the Mediterranean. The tour itself lasted for about two and a half - three hours with a mid bike swimming break. My tour guide was so interesting and fun and I also got a discounted rate on bike rental after the tour - so I just kept riding. Definitely a can't miss. (Check it out at

Can't Miss

Parc de Guel 

Montjuic Cable Car 

Sailboat Cruise

Magic Fountain

La Sagrada Familia


Mercat La Boqueria  - open market, beautiful fresh food!

La Roseta - super cute cafe, perfect for breakfast

La Cholita - tapas!!

La Ciel de Sarria - little pricey, but so worth it! Great seafood!!