Paris, France

Motto for this trip: treat yo' self

What a dream Paris was. Before leaving for the city of love I heard nerve wracking stories of gypsies and pickpockets and how dirty the city is - don't believe...well do, but don't. I woke up every morning in this city feeling like I was living in a fairytale. I found all the locals I met to be wonderful, kind people who loved life to the fullest. You'll see people sharing their lives over a bottle of fine wine, slow dancing in the streets, drooling over elegant window displays, and savoring decadent food. Paris is the dreamiest. 


I stayed in a IBIS Budget hotel in Saint-Ouen, five minutes from the Garibaldi metro station. It wasn't a great location and I do not recommend it if you are traveling by yourself, but it was clean, cheap, and provided a good breakfast. This area is pretty poor and very, very dirty. But, there are some kick butt bakeries right by the hotel. 


Get a lock for your purse and don't talk to gypsies!!!! Seriously. I just bought a plain lock from Walmart and strapped it on my purse zipper and around my strap. Gypsies are out there and they want to take all of your money. Don't sign any petitions either. If someone asks you if you speak English fake your best French accent and say "No" hurriedly and walk away!

Can't Miss

Seine River Cruise

Eiffel Tower at midnight

Palace of Versailles

The Louvre 

Fragonard Perfume Museum

Notre Dame 

Shopping on Champs Elysees - Go to Tiffany's. 


Just eat everything. Everything is good. But definitely...

L'Escargot - When in France 

Crepes - you'll see stands everywhere!

Hot dog on buttered baguette - right behind the Notre Dame there is a little lady with a cart, get one from her, maybe two...probably three. Incredible. 

Ladurée Macarons - treat yo' self.