Torres Del Paine, Chile

Wow, ya'll. Where to begin. The stories I have from this place! TDP gave me my first "typical" Patagonia experiences. From 125+ winds, watching a bus flip over, crossing rickety bridges, chasing Guanacos in an open field, to experiencing all 4 seasons in a matter of hours - this place put me through the ringer. I loved it. Disclaimer: you do need a guide for Torres Del Paine - absolutely, 100%. 


I stayed at the Rio Serrano Hotel, again not ideal for backpackers or traveling on a budget, but nevertheless a great hotel with stunning views, a great location, and a yummy restaurant! The wifi wasn't great and only available in the lobby, but what can you expect from the middle of nowhere. I enjoyed my time there! And again - stunning views! 


The Falls

The W Trail 

Can't Miss

Glacier Largo Grey (it is mandatory to have a guide for this section of TDL National Park). I don't really know how to explain it other than just imploring that you have to go visit! It's incredible! Sadly,  I was not able to do the hike to get to the best view because of the wind, but you should go and tell me how it is! 


There aren't many restaurants in this area...actually I didn't eat at any but my hotel restaurant. But I would highly suggest G Sushi in Puerto Natales on your way over to Torres Del Paine.