Puerto Varas + Chiloé Island, Chile

Chiloe Island is a little spot I have dreamed about for a while and Puerto Varas is the little gem I found on the road there. It took me three boats and four buses to get from Bariloche, Argentina to Puerto Varas, Chile, but let me tell you: it was so worth it! Puerto Varas is a beautiful little city nestled right on the Pacific Ocean. It is beautiful, friendly, and has a lot to offer a young traveler. It's also only about 2 hours from Chiloe Island which made it my ideal location to set up camp! 


I stayed at the Hotel Patagonica. It was more of an upscale hotel/resort that I wouldn't recommend for backpackers or travelers on a strict budget. It offered great amenities and views so if you're wanting to splurge and get some good relaxation in - this is the place for you! 


Enjoy everything this city has to offer!! Lot's of nightlife and water activities. And during their summer season they offer a lot of free concerts and festivals.

Can't Miss

Chilo Island. The ferry ride to the island itself was great! Take time to explore the colorful houses of Chacau and then head further down the island to the Punihuil Penguin Colony for the most amazing beach you've ever seen and fun little adventure. Don't forget to visit the fresh markets in Ancud either! I would recommend taking two days to explore Chiloe, if possible. I think the best way to see it would be to rent a car for those days! 


La Gringa 

La Jardinera - make a reservation!!!!